Products Range and Application

Mittal Extrusions, India has got two basic categories of products as listed below

Mittal Extrusions Strive to be the solution Provider and service partner for its customers. We are the aluminium specialists who can provide R & D, Value added services logistics and know-how for our customers. We guarantee for correct products and accurate solutions right from the start and deliver on time.

It is Important to note that our customers experience more value with Alumeco India through solution based on such quality determinations as flexibility, insight, commitment and especially dialogue. Therefore, we support our customers´ activities through IT-integration,Social Networking, closer co-operation, day-to-day deliveries and stock management based on a qualified forecast.

Standard 6063 Architectural Profile

In addition to the said profiles, we also produce a wide range of standard profiles for domestic and export market for eg. Solid Profiles like Flat bar, Elliptical bar, Hexagonal bar, Square Bar, Rod, Angle, Tower Bolt etc. Hollow Profiles like Round Tube, Square, Rectangular, Triangular, etc.

Other Special Profile

  • Engineering Applications - OEM's
  • Solar Profiles
  • Air conditioning applications
  • Modular Furniture systems
  • Electrical Busbar and heatsink profiles
  • Greenshouse and Agricultural equipments
  • Formwork and Scaffolding profiles
  • Suitcase and consumer durable products
  • Transport Busbody structures
  • Defence & Railway
  • Power Transmission
  • Modular Kitchen
  • Office Furnichur
  • Railway Manufacturer
  • Boat Manufacturer
  • Building & Construction
  • Elevator & Ladders
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